Tuesday, April 8, 2014

From Clonmel to Calcutta - The Untold Story of Maud MacCarthy

Karishmeh Felfeli presents the first documentary of any kind about Maud MacCarthy (1882 - 1967), a forgotten Irish virtuoso violinist who was one of the most enigmatic women that ever lived. A key figure in the Indian freedom struggle (along with Dr. Annie Besant), Maud was also the soulmate and wife of one of England's most prolific composers: John Foulds.After neuritis forced MacCarthy to abandon her career as a violinist, she immersed herself in a subject that had already fascinated her: Indian music. Maud would soon become an authority on the subject, both in her adopted country, and in England. Maud was also an important influence on John Foulds, who wrote some of his most pioneering works during their marriage. Following Fould's untimely death, Maud became a swami and renounced worldly life. When she died in 1967, she left behind numerous writings and poetry on the subject of spirituality, mysticism, religion, metaphysics and music, which are proof of her keen intellect and questioning nature. Despite her immense contribution to Irish musical life, Indian music, philosophy and John Fould's own compositions, today she remains a sadly neglected, forgotten figure. This documentary is the first detailed examination of the life of Maud MacCarthy, and it also sheds light on a variety of associated subjects, from Indian conceptions of music and sound, to John Fould's radical compositions.The program features contributions from Maud's grand-daughter Josephine Gannon and two ethnomusicologists: Dr. Neil Sorrell (York University) who speaks about Maud's life, and her influence on John Foulds and Dr. Jaime Jones (University College Dublin), who discusses musical life in India during the freedom struggle.

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  1. I would like more information on this documentary as Maud MacCarthy is part of my ancestry. I would also like to contact details for Josephine Gannon so I can update our family tree