Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feed additives – are now just a click away

In this 21st century, science has advancement to a great extent. Due to this advancement of science, all the major fields which are part and are an important aspect for human civilization are benefiting. From gadgets to medical science, from entertainment to basic living necessities, from the web to food and organic material, science has its mark on all of them.
In recent times, the biotechnology field of science has progressed to a great extent. From vaccines to the enhancement of the quality of organic material, everything is now possible. It is the scientists and researches how are responsible for such awesome and useful innovations and inventions. One such new invention in the field of biotechnology is the development of feed additives. It may be a new term for each of you. So, in this article you will find information and details about feed additives and things related to it.
What is a feed additive?
Feed additive is basically a food supplement mainly for the farm animals. You should know that in this economic crisis, it is impossible to give nutritious and healthy food to farm animals. But without proper nutritious food the animals won’t be healthy enough which would intern effect your health when we consume them or their products.
Types of feed additives
There are many types of feed additives found all over the world. Some of the types are- Sensory additive (which stimulates animal’s appetite and so facilitates good consumption, feed sweeteners or flavors are its examples), Nutritional additive (provides nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, emulsifiers, micro minerals, etc. into the food for good growth), Zootechnical additive (enhances the nutritional value of the meal. This type includes feed enzymes), histomonostats and coccidiostats keeps the cattle healthy.

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